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A link to the newest issue of Renner Otto's quarterly newsletter dedicated to developments in domestic and international IP law can be found here . For more information, or to subscribe to the newsletter, please contact Luis Carrion .Read more
An article by Mark Saralino, entitled Cuozzo Speed Tech. and More: Understanding Inter Partes Reviews - Are You Ready? , was recently published by the Towa Nagisa Institute of Intellectual Property in Japan. The article discusses highlights of five recent precedential decisions by the Patent Trial...Read more
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving a conflict between First Amendment free speech protections and the 1946 Lanham Trademark Act, which prohibits, in part, the registration of trademarks that "may disparage" persons. The lawsuit was filed by Simon Shiao Tam, who attempted to...Read more
The U.S. Supreme Court will have the attention of the fashion world during the October 2016 term as it decides the appropriate test to determine when a feature of a useful article, such as a decorative element of a uniform, is protectable under section 101 of the Copyright Act. Typically, clothing...Read more
Nick Gingo and Grant Steyer will be representing Renner Otto at the Industrial Designers Society of America 2016 International Conference in Detroit from August 17-20. We look forward to this great opportunity to show business leaders and practitioners in the industrial design space how Renner Otto...Read more
According to ipnexus.com , Renner Otto ranked 68th out of more than 14,000 firms in the U.S. for patents granted in 2015. And we ranked second in Cleveland by the same measure. This continues a seven year trend of increasing patent grants on a year over year basis. Congratulations to all of our...Read more
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then product design speaks volumes. But how do you protect your new design in a way that best fits with how you intend to use it, your business plan, and your resources? Your options include copyrights, trademarks and design patents. Here, we’ll talk briefly...Read more
Renner Otto will be sending Don Bulson and Nick Gingo to the International Trademark Association annual meeting in Orlando, Florida later this month. We look forward to catching up with old colleages and meeting new ones at one of the premier IP law events of the year. Additional Info Details about...Read more
The U.S. Supreme Court’s denial of petition for certiorari in April ended a decade-long copyright dispute between the Authors Guild and Google. Authors Guild v. Google, Inc. , 804 F.3d 202 (2d Cir. 2015). Google’s Library Project, which began in 2004, aimed to scan and make searchable the book...Read more