What brought you to the IP Law industry?

My father is a patent attorney, and he’s taught me everything I know about the industry. As a kid, I liked to think of new ideas and show them off to him, though he hasn’t patented any of my ideas yet. When he became a sole practitioner, he asked that I come work for him and that is where my education in IP law began. I worked with my dad for about eight years and I really enjoyed being fully immersed in all of the details of these incredible inventions and products and getting to participate in bringing them to life and protecting them.

When I saw an opening at Renner Otto, I decided to take the leap and join a larger firm. I started as an IP Ops Specialist, supporting several attorneys. I then moved to the Docketing Department as a Docket and Annuity Administrator. Since then, I have become the Legal Operations Coordinator and my role is to keep everyone in the firm on the same page. Whether it’s a filing process, training or communications - I create and implement the standard procedures and processes for everyone to follow, which keeps us all streamlined and working in sync.

What do you enjoy most about working at Renner Otto?

Definitely the people. The legal industry can often be viewed as dry or stuffy, but the people here are so genuine and passionate about what they do. Attorneys and staff alike-- everyone here helps one another, always collaborating to just do their very best, which I find inspiring.

I think the firm is always looking forward and does what is necessary to function at the highest level possible, and I am excited to be a part of the process.

What are some of the more memorable inventions you’ve witnessed or worked on during your career?

One of my favorites is actually something so small that most people probably wouldn’t ever think of it, but a latex balloon mold. The original process of making latex balloons used a mold that looked a lot like a light bulb which could only produce so many balloons at a time. Someone made a slight tweak to the mold - making it look more like a spoon - which allowed the production of balloons to grow exponentially. It really amazed me that something so small could have such a large impact on an entire industry. That’s really what I love so much about the business.

What about life outside of the firm?

I have two teenagers and one-year-old twins who are just starting to walk and talk - so I feel like I am never not busy. We are season ticket holders to the Indians, and even though we can’t go to games this year, we still enjoy watching from home. As a family we’re always running around—whether to sports practice or school plays or catching wild toddlers. We’re counting down the time until we are able to head to one of our favorite spots—the Smoky Mountains—but we are settling for Hilton Head at the end of this month. Outside of family, I’ve always had a passion for sewing and photography. I used to make custom blankets and purses and this year I’m making the twins’ Halloween costumes. I have always really enjoyed shooting portraits and candid shots of people, and my family members make the best subjects!