What brought you to Renner Otto?

After receiving my Liberal Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community College, I bounced around throughout the service industry; Serving various roles as bartender, server, catering, etc. I really wanted to break out of that industry so I found a receptionist position at a previous law firm. After a few years, I connected with a current Renner Otto employee, who let me know of a job opening and decided to take a chance! I’ve been a Docket Administrator here now for 1 and a half years years. I was an IP operations specialist for two years (at Renner Otto).

What do you love most about your job?

I’ve always been drawn to jobs that are mentally stimulating or challenging my critical thinking. My role here at the firm is to make sure everything that comes in is docketed properly, while also knowing what the next step in the process is for the clients.

I joined the firm with very little knowledge about the IP industry, so I had learn about everything pretty quickly. Even today, I’m constantly learning, as the laws are continuously evolving or changing - especially abroad. Beyond that, I get to see these incredible inventions or products before they’re ever on the market. My favorites are from the local Cleveland inventors. Being from Cleveland, I feel a sense of pride or excitement when something cool comes in from a Cleveland native.

Where do you see your career going in the coming years?

I’d really love to continue to grow my career here at Renner Otto. They do such a great job here making sure everyone is happy and that there’s a strong work/life balance. Because we’re a boutique firm, everyone is pretty hands on and collaborative, so it feels like we are all helping the firm grow, together.

What about life outside the firm?

My husband and I recently got married. We traveled out West, exploring Sedona, the Grand Canyon, etc. which was awesome. We’re avid travelers, so we can’t wait to plan our next trip. We’re also pretty involved in intramural recreation sports like sand volleyball in the summertime, and anything active. Although we recently lost our beloved dog, Howie, I’m hopeful we’ll welcome another furry addition to our family soon! We just adopted a new puppy named Harper!