Tell us a little about your background.

I began my educational career at Ohio State University in the engineering program, which is notoriously tough. And although I’d always been very good at anything STEM-related, the rigors of the program just weren’t a good fit for me, so I decided to explore other avenues.

I dabbled in English and tried the pre-education track - even spending a little time as student teacher, working with a high school Speech and Language program, but ultimately, nothing tapped into my affinity like I had hoped. After trying out so many possible career avenues, I decided what they all had in common was my desire to problem-solve and strategize, so I enrolled in an MBA program at Western Governor’s University and that’s where everything finally felt like it clicked. And it was while I was completing my MBA that I started working at Renner Otto.

What drew you to the Intellectual Property industry?

I had a connection that worked here at Renner Otto, and they had an open position that would allow me to continue my studies, so it was just a good fit at the time. But after 3 months, I ended up getting promoted to legal assistant and that’s where I really started to carve out my career. I was becoming very passionate about the marketing aspect of my MBA studies and I found myself translating a lot of what I was learning into the business side of the firm. We had just appointed a new Managing Director who had a lot of great plans to grow the business and I felt like I was an integral part to that growth.

After officially completing my MBA in February of 2020 I began to make formal transition into my new position of business development and marketing coordinator.

What do you enjoy most about working at Renner Otto?

Without a doubt, the people who work here. Many law firms can be stuffy or rigid, but everyone that works here is very down to earth - and they also genuinely want to be here and work together. Not only do they go out of their way to help me grow professionally, I know that I can turn to anyone at any time for help and they will be more than willing to assist. Being a smaller sized firm, they also have the ability to be extremely agile and grow faster than others in our industry. Now that I’m concentrating on marketing and business development, I am really enjoying implementing creative strategies and ways to modernize and grow.

Also being in the intellectual property legal industry, I get a front row seat to some mind-blowing and incredible inventions that most people might not think twice about. For example, I remember being blown away learning about the level of detail that went into Sargento’s block of cheese or the shape of a Mars candy bar. Products we see every day that we might think are random have actually layers and layers of strategic planning and design put into them. It’s really cool to know that I work for a firm that’s a part of this kind of innovation. We’re behind the scenes, but we also play an integral part in protecting and producing innovation.

What’s next for you?

I’m one of the people who actually got married in the pandemic! My husband, Troy and I were officially married after 4 years together in November of 2020; We love traveling, but since the pandemic we haven’t been able to do much of it, but we’re finally taking our honeymoon in February and heading to the Dominican Republic. My husband and I also bought a house together not too long ago and we’ve moved in together with our two dogs and cat, so we’re starting to settle into our new life together. Troy and I also come from very large families and we’re becoming first-time aunt and uncle this summer which we’re both very excited about!