You went to Cuyahoga Community College to study Psychology - how did you wind up in the Intellectual Property industry?

I consider myself a creative thinker who always needs to be learning something new in order to stay engaged. I had tried customer service jobs in the past, but nothing seemed to keep my interest long enough because I would find myself getting bored. By pure happenstance, I found something more technical - a Docketing position at another IP firm and it really drew me in. Intellectual Property was a completely new industry for me, so I fully immersed myself in it and learned everything I could, from the ground up.

Why Renner Otto?

The firm I was working at was large - over 250 employees - and I really didn’t enjoy it as I often felt I got lost in the daily shuffle. At one point, I ended up working with someone at Renner Otto and was immediately intrigued by the firm since it seemed to be the complete opposite of where I was. Once a position opened up, I made the transition and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I get to form better connections with my coworkers because of the smaller size, I feel I’m treated like an equal or a peer. Everyone is more than willing to help one another because we’re all in the same boat - working for the same goals.

I never would have guessed I would end up in the IP industry when I was younger, but it turns out it’s a great fit for my endless search for more knowledge. Every day I get to see different filings and information and I get a front row seat to some truly incredible innovations that have huge impacts on our everyday lives. I’ve been told that no one has ever picked up on the job or industry as fast as I did, but it really just clicked for me. Now I get to train some of the newer people and lend my expertise which I really enjoy.

What about life outside of work?

I don’t think I’ll ever stop my quest for more learning. If I’m not learning something new at work, I’m sharpening my skills outside of the  office. I try to read a new book every day and I recently started studying to become an EMT. Not because I want to be a paramedic, but I just want to learn more about the industry.

When I’m not exercising my mind, I’m simply exercising! I’m big into being active or working out. I own one of those fancy stationary bikes and I try to do yoga or go on hikes to parks or places with my husband. My husband and I actually got married in Las Vegas and for our “honeymoon” we road tripped back across the country which took us three weeks and it was the best time. I hope that we can do that again soon. Other than that, I’m enjoying my married life at home in North Ridgeville with our two “kids”, who are actually our beloved cats named Oscar and Venus.