By: Bonnie Smith

If you have an invention that has potential commercial value to you or your company, you definitely want to consider protecting your invention by obtaining a patent. Although there is nothing to prevent you from preparing and filing your application with the USPTO without legal assistance, there are many benefits to working alongside, or consulting with a patent attorney. 

We Know the USPTO

We are the legal experts when it comes to patent law and are certified to practice before the USPTO. We know exactly how to draft an application that will meet the requirements of the USPTO, and can help clearly navigate the examination process, which can often times become complex or confusing. We know the examiners, and pro-actively provide strategic claim amendments and arguments to overcome any potential art claims, while also helping you obtain the broadest scope of protection possible for your invention.

Timing is Everything

Before filing a patent application, there are activities such as an offer for sale or public disclosure that trigger a one-year time window for filing the patent application.  Filing overseas? There are quite a few activities which may bar you from obtaining an overseas patent. Even after you file the patent application, there are numerous formality deadlines such as statutory foreign filing deadlines, submitting documents, and responding to examination reports. We help you get organized, scheduled and provide the professional guidance necessary to overcome any potential barriers to filing.

Safeguarding Your Invention

Like any legal process, there are layers of agreements and paperwork involved in the patent process, which can be overwhelming. We help you prepare each form and agreement pertaining to non-disclosure, employment, licensing, acquisition, commercialization, joint development, technology consulting, etc. We don’t miss a thing.

Finally, protecting your invention doesn’t stop after you file. Technology is ever-evolving, and competition is everywhere. Your patent can be challenged, and you’ll need support to enforce your protection – that’s what we do best. We act as your integral business partners, continuously analyzing current protections, helping you creating effective patent strategies and evaluating/expanding your portfolio. 

At Renner Otto, you get the IP expertise, without the headache of working with a larger firm. We give you customized strategies based on your individual needs, while offering you advisement and guidance every step of the way.

Have an invention that you’re interested in protecting and not sure where to start? We offer complimentary consultations. Let’s get started.