At Renner Otto, we help advance innovation by developing, protecting, and maximizing patent assets across myriad technologies.  As the spectrum of technologies has expanded, so has the range of backgrounds of our attorneys.  With educational foundations in chemistry, materials science, biomedical, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as real world experience in a variety of disciplines, we understand the complex technologies that form the basis of your intellectual property. 

Since our founding more than 125 years ago, the procurement of high-quality patent assets has been a leading core competency of Renner Otto.  Our patent attorneys are recognized worldwide for high-quality, efficient, patent prosecution in a range of technologies. 

Our team works with you to devise and implement effective strategies for procuring strong patent assets. We routinely develop and oversee global protection strategies in many technical areas.  Our worldwide patent procurement services include:

  • Development and implementation of filing and prosecution strategies
  • Preparation of utility and design patent applications
  • Reexaminations and reissues
  • Appeals to the patent office
  • Global utility and design patent procurement including Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) practice
  • Assisting our global network of associates in foreign proceedings such as oppositions

We also have an extensive network of international firms with which we work to address our clients' global intellectual property needs. Through our network, we can oversee and manage our clients’ intellectual property interests, and achieve positive results worldwide.