With more and more consumers turning to the internet for commerce, domain name rights have become a hot button issue for companies seeking to connect with the market.  In particular, where a company attempts to register a domain name corresponding to their trademarks or service marks, the company may find that the domain name is registered to another entity. In these situations, the attorneys of Renner Otto are able to bring to bear our significant experience with Trademark law, domain name registration, dispute resolution, and civil litigation.

Taking into account the facts at hand, along with our clients’ desired results, budgets and timeframes, we try to present multiple options for taking control of the domain name at issue.  These can range from minimal cost business-based solutions to filing a complaint under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”) to force the entity to relinquish control of the domain name. And as in our other practice areas, we help our clients understand the pros and cons of each option, to ensure that we are truly pursuing a “win” for the client.