A strong trademark begins with an efficient, but rigorous, vetting process.  By working with our clients from the outset, Renner Otto’s trademark attorneys are able to assist in the selection of marks that are available, obtainable and enforceable through the use of tailored clearance searches.  Depending on the client’s specific situation, our attorneys can perform searches in-house or work with our outside vendors for more in-depth queries. 

Once a mark has been selected, and its availability confirmed, Renner Otto’s trademark attorneys are here to assist with the filing and prosecution of applications for registrations, both here in the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions.  With respect to obtaining the most effective international protections, Renner Otto’s attorneys employ a variety of strategies, including use of regional registration systems (such as the Community Trade Mark in the European Union), international registrations under the Madrid Protocol and Paris Convention priority claims. We maintain close relationships with a select group of foreign trademark attorneys that help us ensure we are utilizing the most effective strategy in each jurisdiction.