Standing at the intersection of medicine and engineering, biomedical technology is becoming increasingly valuable in today’s age of high-tech doctor’s offices, computer-assisted surgery, and implantable medical devices. With backgrounds in biomedical, electrical, mechanical, chemical and materials science engineering, we have the ability to protect all technical aspects of your biomedical inventions.  

We have valuable expertise in prosecuting biomedical patents and handling related intellectual property matters in the biomedical industry.  And we have worked closely with hospitals, health practitioners, universities, and business entities in developing and protecting intellectual property for a wide variety of medical devices, bioinstrumentation, and related services.  Exemplary technologies include cardiovascular ultrasound and imaging devices, electroencephalogram interface systems and attention measurement devices, endoscopes, tissue repair and replacement devices, and drug delivery devices, as well as computer implemented and electromechanical control systems associated with medical devices.