The world is more connected than ever due to advances in computers, software, mobile and Internet. Significant intellectual property is at the heart of these advances, and we work with many of the industry leaders in these technologies to help protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. These technologies, and their underlying intellectual property, present unique challenges in terms of protection and enforcement. We have successfully advised clients on issues ranging from standards, to business methods, licensing, and open source.

Our legal and technical knowledge, combined with our emphasis on understanding our clients’ businesses, enables us to identify opportunities, anticipate problems, and provide practical solutions. We have degrees in engineering or science relevant to computer technology. Many of us also have relevant work experience in the field and, thus, have an insider’s perspective on the issues our clients face.

Currently, some of the most rapid changes to intellectual property law involve software. It is a dynamic field of law that requires us to remain abreast of almost daily developments that may affect our client’s intellectual property rights. And we understand that, as dynamic as the law is regarding software, the technology and the business of software moves even faster. Therefore, when evaluating our clients’ software for protection, we consider and balance issues such as development speed, speed of market entry, speed of obsolescence, ease of copying, potential competition, etc. We then advise our clients on how to best protect their software through patents, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, etc. and, importantly, we also guide them around the intellectual property barriers created by others.