Advances in the electrical and electronic arts are a driving force in today’s world.  One need look no further than the handheld electronic devices used every day by billions of people to realize the impact such devices have on business and the economy. With the importance of electrical and electronic technology, intellectual property portfolio development and enforcement are key in today’s dynamic business environment.  

When it comes to safeguarding your innovations, it is critical that your IP attorneys understand the technology and have the ability to identify features key to the invention.  We have extensive real-world engineering experience where we developed an extensive knowledge of the technology prior to entering the legal profession.  

Combining this real-world familiarity with extensive legal experience, we have developed the skills required to help you achieve your business goals in a variety of technology sectors within the electrical and electronic arts including, for example, business machines, energy management systems, power supplies, displays, imaging systems, semiconductor devices, power transmission and generation systems, communications systems, mobile phones, temperature control systems, and voice processing/filtering systems.